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Powers of Security Guards and Bouncers: Role of Security Officers in Providing Effective Security Services

At Metro Guards, we understand the importance of safety and security for your business or event.

Event Security Guards Service Hire In Sydney and Melbourne

Effective risk prevention and finding an efficient Crowd Controlling Security Guards, are critical components of any event’s success.

Concierge Security Guard

Metro Guards offer well-versed event controlling guards holding the entire administration of security-related matters.

Mobile Patrol Security Guard Services in Melbourne

We have you covered. We stand out amongst all other security companies who offer mobile security patrols.

Retail Security Guard Services 

As the retail industry continues to face an uncertain future, it is important for store owners to recognize the need for a reliable security guard service.

Loss Prevention Officers In Melbourne | Hire Security Melbourne

Due to an increased crime rate in Melbourne and Sydney,

Enhance Security with Gate House Security Guard Services in Melbourne | Trained Security Officers

Gate house security services keep your business safe from unauthorized entry or theft.

Improve Warehouse Security: Secure Your Business with a Reliable Security System

Metro Guards provides a combination of well-trained and capable security dogs and their human handlers,

Rapid Alarm Response Security Guards: Your Safety, Our Priority

Putting up an alarm system is not a problem when Metropolitan guards are available to offer their services all day and every day.